Self Assessments

Small budgets don’t have to mean small value. SelfAssure leverages the same expertise and approaches as onsite assessments providing valuable insights and recommendations. The only difference? We don’t validate your answers.


Cooperative Assessments

Our team can work with yours to review policies, procedures, architectures, and configurations to identify weaknesses and recommend mitigation strategies that ensure resilience.

  • Information Security program assessments
  • Cybersecurity technical assessments
  • Compliance assessments
  • Security, Network, and wireless architecture reviews
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Web apps and source code assessments

Adversarial Simulations

Nothing demonstrates your resilience more than a live attack. But we prefer a simulation over a live attack! Dynetics cyber threat specialists can simulate advanced cyber threats to expose real weaknesses and offer real solutions.

  • Attack vector analysis (How a cybercriminal will likely attack)
  • Social engineering testing (exploiting the human element)
  • Penetration testing (Social and technology-based attacks)
  • Data discovery (Information that can be found by a cybercriminal

Execution and Monitoring



After you’ve identified your weaknesses, you need a plan to mitigate. Dynetics cybersecurity analysts will help you build a prioritized plan of action using proven techniques and best practices to create a resilient enterprise. And if you need help implementing your action plan, Dynetics can help there too.

  • Risk Mitigation Project Planning
  • Risk Mitigation Project Implementation


Cyber threats aren’t static and you can’t be either. Resilience requires early detection that can only be achieved through continuous monitoring. Dynetics will help you select, integrate, and operate technologies that provide continuous situational awareness so you can respond quickly and effectively to limit damages.

  • Configuration monitoring to ensure you stay secure.
  • Patch management to eliminate new vulnerabilities.
  • Real-time threat monitoring to eradicate threats before they cause damage

Dynetics offers NetAlert as an affordable, cyber threat monitoring service for small and mid-size businesses. With NetAlert, you’ll have access to cyber threat expertise without hiring full-time staff.


Breaches are inevitable. How you respond can be the difference between a minor incident and a national headline. Dynetics operations experts can help you design table-top and Red Team/Blue Team exercises that ensure you are prepared, before that attack begins.


Cyber Threat Indicators

IT Baseline Threat Assessment


Your IT baseline is subject to known vulnerabilities, and new vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited on a daily basis. Using your IT baseline, Dynetics monitors cyber threat intelligence sources for indicators relevant to your specific environment so you can take proactive steps to lower risks.

Attack Surface Threat Analysis

Many factors contribute to the likelihood you will be the target of a cyber attack: web presence, number of employees, public persona, social media presence, etc.

An Attack Surface Threat Analysis lets you see how a cybercriminal sees you.

Digital Supply Chain Monitoring

Your supply chain is the lifeblood of your business. But it can also be the source of catastrophic cyber risk! Connected suppliers can be the source of numerous types of attacks. Connected Suppliers can be the source of an attack on your enterprise.  Even un-connected suppliers can disrupt your operation if they are attacked.

Cyber RiskScope supply chain monitoring solutions provide a pro-active approach to ensuring the security and stability of your supply chain.


Strategic Planning

Business Impact Assessment


When resources are limited, resilience demands prioritizing security around your key information assets. A Business Impact Assessment can help you maximize the ROI of your Cybersecurity investments and enable risk-based decisions.

  • Identification and valuation of Key Information Assets
  • Creation of your Digital Profile (data, technology, web presence)
  • Real-world attack scenarios and projected financial impacts
  • Business insights for C-suites and Directors

Technology Optimization

Many organization don’t take advantage of free technologies or limit effectiveness of technology investments due to improper configurations or poor integration. Dynetics can help maximize the performance of the investments you’ve already made.

  • Enabling unused security services
  • Configuration validation
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Technology evaluations and recommendations

Strategic Roadmaps

Most organizations can’t afford to implement all recommendations immediately. Therefore, it’s important to have a prioritized strategic plan.

Dynetics’ cyber risk management experts can help you develop a strategic roadmap that addresses your pressing security needs and then adapts to an ever changing threat landscape.