About Us



Over 40 Years of Excellence

High Value. High Risk.

Dynetics provides responsive, cost-effective engineering, scientific, and IT solutions to the national security, IT, space, automotive, and critical infrastructure sectors. The missions we support demand success—the first time.

Our products and services include highly specialized technical services and a range of software and hardware products, including components, subsystems, and complex end-to-end systems—all delivered quickly and affordably.

We offer deep expertise, complex technologies, highest quality, and low-volume R&D, testing, manufacturing, and operational capabilities.

Security First.

We have spent more than 40 years analyzing threats and developing ways to defeat them.

Cybersecurity assessments. We have extensive experience performing cybersecurity assessments—over 1,000 assessments spanning 16 years—for a wide variety of customers from small businesses to large Fortune 1000 organizations.  Our customers include national retailers, TelCo’s, utilities, businesses in the financial and healthcare sectors, and state and local governments. We have also served large federal and defense agencies, including NASA Marshall Space Flight Center and the Missile Defense Agency.

IT Engineering & Services. We are a certified partner of Cisco, Symantec, VMWare, and Microsoft, and routinely perform complex integration of these products.

Compliance. Our focus is maximizing your security, but when compliance is all that is required, we have the experience you need to make sure you’re covered.